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1 Otis Runned Off Explorin' The Town, News At Eleven 
2 Fat Bulldogs, Alabama Bullfrogs, and Peanutbutter Sandwiches
3 Bye Bye Ms. Otis-Lipps
5 Penelope Is Now A Southern Girl
6 Pass Them Pickles!
7 Easter Egg Hunt, Georgia Style 2005
8 Oshkosh 2009 - Under The Rainbow
9 Wreck SCUBA Diving Off The Outer Banks (Almost Complete)
10 Prequel  - Boat Crashing Lessons In Florida  (In The Works)
11 Fishing  Lessons @ Nockamixon  (In The Works)
12 Prequel - Car Towing Lessons Across The Eifel (In The Works)
13 Yermamanem (Your Mama And Them) (In The Works)
14 Spies Like Us (In The Works)

9 - I recently went SCUBA diving off the North Carolina Coast past the outer banks. The dives took place on various ship wrecks, to include a German U-boat.  It was simply amazing!  I hope you enjoy the journal...it's almost done.

10 - My Brother in law takes boat lessons in Florida and crashes into the boat dock AND into another boat.  Damage = 2 Boats, 1 Dock, 1 Female Instructor, Our Sides From Laughing

11 - Again, My Brother In Law feels compelled to show us how to fish.  He successfully catches a bridge, a motor home on the bridge, my nephews ear, and loses his new rod and reel

12 - Towing a vehicle along the Eifel region in Germany takes precision driving and concentration.  Neither accompanied us

13 - Over the years, Mom's have developed their own jargon or language that only their kids can understand.  We know within 0.000252 seconds when we're in trouble

14 - Classified, You Won't Believe It!